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Pavlovsk is a modern suburb, an intra-city municipality unit as a part of the Pushkin District of the federal city Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Pavlovsk is located on the Slavyanka River, 25 km south of the center of St. Petersburg and 3 km south-east of the district center of Pushkin.
The city is incredibly popular with tourists from the whole planet, and for a reason: the palace and park ensemble of Pavlovsk, as well as the historic center of the city are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site called "The historic center of St. Petersburg and the associated monuments complexes”.
Not as bustling as the Northern Capital, Pavlovsk, nevertheless, is a must-visit spot for most holiday-makers exploring Russia. The town is wonderful at any time of a year, whether cold or warm.
The famous Pavlovsk Park is the place where most St. Petersburg’s dwellers love to escape from the urban noise. Occupying nearly 625 hectares, the park is smothered in flowers and greenery. It is a perfect place to have a walk, sit in the shade of grand old pines and oak-trees, or laze in the sun – the park is so tantalizing and relaxing that people quickly forget about worries and stress of everyday life.
In 1796 Paul I came to the throne in Russia and decided to make the palace the royal residence. The emperor invited Vincenzo Brenna to redesign the complex and make its interiors more luxurious. The famed architect made really a large-scale work to bring the emperor’s best visions to life. The Palace got new state apartments (such as the Picture Gallery, the Hall of Gentlemen in Waiting, and the Throne room), the facades were totally redecorated, and many other improvements were carried out to make the building more imposing and regal.
When Paul I died, Pavlovsk Grand Palace became a place of residence of Empress Maria Feodorovna. It was the time when the city was rapidly developing and expanding, so that it became one of the richest and most beautiful cities in Imperial Russia, and it preserves this status up to date.
The Park Ensemble and the Palace are not the only wonders of Pavlovsk. In fact, there are hundreds of them and each one is well-worth visiting (noble castles, awe-inspiring cathedrals, romantic bridges, interesting museums to name a few). Book a sightseeing tour around Pavlovsk with us to discover its unique beauties and surprising attractions on your own!


Tour lasts 4-5 hours

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