personal guide

personal guide


Boat trip

Don`t miss the opportunity to take boat ride with me and to see the city from the angle of water. St. Petersburg is often called Venice of the North or the Second Amsterdam. There are more than 80 rivers and canals in the city and about 500 bridges, 21 of them are drawbridges. One of the most beautiful symbols of the city is the Palace Bridge, which is raised during the White nights. Drawbridges is an unforgettable sight of St Petersburg in this time.

Tour lasts 1-2 hours

Russian traditional cuisine

1. Borsch A staple Russian/Ukrainian dish, the St Petersburg borsch is a filling beetroot-based soup usually prepared with meat, although vegetarian versions can also be found. A thick borsch tastes delicious with sour cream.
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Russian banya

Russian banya (a Russian type of steam bath) is one of the oldest Russian traditions. Since ancient times it was believed that the banya combines four main natural elements...

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Interesting facts about St. Petersburg

The Hermitage collection has about 3 million exhibits, located in 365 halls of six buildings. To see the entire collection...
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