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Frequently asked questions

How can I book with you?

If you arrive by plain or train you can email or call me.

If you arrive by cruise ship you can email me confirming the following details:
1. The name of your ship
2. Your sailing date
3. The number of people, including ages of any kids or students
4. The tour you would like to book

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What is the deadline for booking your tour?

I recommend you to book your tour in advance. For example, one month before or even earlier. The deadline for tours booking is three days before your arrival at the port if you come by cruise ship.

However, I do my best to satisfy requests at the last minute. Thus, last-minute reservations are possible.

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Where will we meet our guide?

You can choose one of the following options:

- The lobby of the hotel. This is the most common and convenient place for meetings, especially if your hotel is located in the very center.

-Passenger terminal, the airport or train station, if we meet you directly on arrival.

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If I wish to buy food or souvenirs what currency do the shops accept?

Most gift shops have a good exchange rate to buy rubles and your guide will be able to recommend you good exchange.We would not suggest that you exchange money on the ship as they usually give bad exchange rate to their passengers.

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What language do people speak?

If it's your first trip to Russia, you are sure to experience language problems. If you do not know the Russian alphabet, you won't be able to read signboards and find your way. Even hotel staff may not speak English. The situation in regional cities is worse. You will rarely find a café or restaurant, with an English menu. So I recommend to find good English speaking guide! Me for example.
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What is the weather like?

Nobody can ever really answer this question because it is unpredictable.Don`t forget to look the weather forecasts as well. Rains in Russia are usual for any season, except winter, so take an umbrella with you. Even in summer the temperature sometimes is only +3...+5 degrees C, and warm clothes (jacket and sweaters) are necessary.

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What about crime situation in Saint Petersburg?

You will be safe as long as you don't show around big amounts of money or walk alone at night along dark lonely streets. Murder is considered to be an extraordinary event in Russia that usually happens with people who are involved in organized crime.

You can visit any place and peacefully walk on the streets. However, you can easily become a victim of pickpockets; so take care of your wallet and do not keep big amounts of money with you.

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Where can we do shopping in Saint Petersburg?

You will have the opportunity to do shopping during your tour in Saint Petersburg. There are many street vendors in museums and nearby. Thus, if who are interested in shopping, I would recommend you some good options.

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How to contact you?

You can contact me in any convenient way for you, in case I do not have the opportunity to respond immediately, I will write or call you back within a few hours!

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Are there any discounts?

I am ready to offer flexible prices for my excursions with a large amount of work (more than 8 hours), and I'm also ready to make good prices for regular customers.

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How many people can be on the tour?

From 1 to 16. Max group size - 16 people.

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How can I get a Russian visa?

To get a Russian visa, you must apply to the Russian consulate or embassy which is the closest to your place of residence.

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Do I need a visa to enter Russia?

Russian visa for cruise ship passengers is not required.

You don`t need a Russian visa if:

You are a cruise passenger who is in St. Petersburg in less than 72 hours.

You arrive by ferry and stay in St. Petersburg in less than 72 hours (you need a hotel reservation).

To come to Russia by plane or train, you need a visa.

However, there are some exceptions:

- for some countries that have an agreement with the Government of the Russian Federation on visa-free entry (Israel or Brazil). The list of these countries is limited and updated every year. Please check the information about your country.
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