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personal guide


Fabergé museum

I will show you one of the world`s finest collections on display in the restored Shuvalov Palace, just couple of minutes walk from Nevsky prospect. In 2004 Christopher Forbes, the son of Malcolm Forbes, sold unique Faberge collection to Russian billionaire Victor Vekselberg for $100 million and in 2013 he opened a Fabergé museum in the historical center of St. Petersburg. Pride of place goes to nine Easter eggs, crafted for the last two Russian tsars – Alexander III and Nicolas II. The collection includes over than 4000 other items, created by Faberge and his contemporaries.

Tour lasts 1-2 hours

Russian traditional cuisine

1. Borsch A staple Russian/Ukrainian dish, the St Petersburg borsch is a filling beetroot-based soup usually prepared with meat, although vegetarian versions can also be found. A thick borsch tastes delicious with sour cream.
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Russian banya

Russian banya (a Russian type of steam bath) is one of the oldest Russian traditions. Since ancient times it was believed that the banya combines four main natural elements...

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Interesting facts about St. Petersburg

1. La collezione dell'Hermitage ha circa 3 milioni di oggetti, situato in 365 sale in sei edifici. Per vedere tutta la collezione, guardando...
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